Cities in Germany: Bad Homburg

15 kilometers north of Frankfurt, in the cozy spits of Taunus, there is a resort town of Bad Homburg (Bad Homburg, Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe).

Serving throughout the XIX century one of the favorite places of rest of the European (including our) aristocracy, he retained his historical monuments to a large extent, although he had long gone to the palm of the championship to other resort districts.

Sights of Bad Hombburg

Now its attractions are surrounded by Park lock (Schloss, XVII in.) who served the summer residence of Kaiser, Karpark (Kurpark) with numerous mineral sources, fountains, Siamese temple and Orthodox chapel of all saints (Russische Orthodoxe Allerheiligen-Kirche, 1896-1899.), adjacent to one of the first in the world Casino (Casino Bad Homburg is considered "Mother" Installation of the same name in Monte Carlo, since the Penglish laws prohibited gambling and owner in 1866, suffered a gambling house on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it was repeatedly open only in 1949.), and Museum of Heads (Hutmuseum) – the town is the ancestor of a whole kind of hats, which are called – Homburg Hat.

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Cities in Germany Bad Homburg

Germany. Bad Homburg

Located half an hour from Frankfurt, the resort town of Bad Homburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful resort towns of Germany. And, I must say, it is considered right. Read more →

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Implemented dry dream

We called your journey "Implemented dry dream". Until now, we can not believe that we implemented it. We were going to journey for so long that we do not know whether it would be possible to get into a fairy tale. Read more →

Cities in Germany Bad Homburg

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