Cities, Hanko, Vaasa in Finland, Feeling a holiday for life

Small Gorodishko Kemi in Finland, Lapland Province in the old days "industrial" by the woodworking industry, is currently an industrial city. Now tourist routes are now intensively spinning, unique attractions attract here those who are interested in exotic.

Arriving here tourists can visit

  • Snow Castle

Snow Castle, which is no longer in the world, from year to year, since 1996, it is erected again and again, there is a restaurant serving a delicious Finnish Kushan. You can stay at the hotel, all this opens directly for the new year and operates until April 4, making its "case" castle melts.

  • Exhibitions

Regularly conducted events or exhibitions in the historical or art museum, tickets are absolutely not expensive, and on Fridays a ticket is free. Church of Kemi, the main church of the parish, in it 1200 seats, there is an organ and bells in the bell tower.

The city makes it possible to inspect the collection of precious metals and stones in the whole world, there are copies of the Crown of Britain and the Crown of the King of Finland, here you can buy local souvenirs in memory of the trip to the city of Kemi – Finland.

  • Winter season

From December to April, the tourist icebreaker "Sampo" offers "its services" to all tourists, to the icebreaker they will come with motorcycles, and then you can admire the northern lights, snow-white horizons, polar nights. There is a ski resort, swimming pools and sports centers.

Holidays in Hanko in Finland

Cities, Hanko, Vaasa in Finland, Feeling a holiday for life

Arriving in the southern part of the city of Hanko in Finland, you can see that it is almost all built of wood:

  • Villas
  • Mansions
  • Small Church named after Mary Magdalena

ours have tried, because from the end of the XIX century, the whole our nobility rested in Hanko. It is in this part of the city there is a tenta market with souvenirs, you can buy something from the clothes, there are here and restaurants and cafes.

The sandy beach and manits run on it by barefoot, the water temperature is mostly 22 ° C, someone bathes, sunbathes, the world reigns, peace and some tape, the music is heard on the embankment, someone dancing, and someone is just having fun. In the center of the city passes the "Love Trail", the locals recommend visitors to walk through it. There are so many types of saunas in the city that there is a possibility to spend all vacation in them.

  • Attractions of the city of Hanko

Another of the attractions of the city of Hanko in Finland is the water tower, posted from red brick, it is called Hanko eye and performs two functions: like water tower and as a lighthouse with a viewing platform. True, the observation deck functions only in the summer.

Live in such a place and not engage in surfing or diving is just a sin, so the Finns adore this sport, and tourists come here to go to sailing, rowing (kayak or canoe), and sometimes there are sometimes to hundreds of beautiful yachts in Marina, because this The town seems to be specially invented for sailing sports.

Holidays in Vaasa in Finland Apriori assumes exotic

In order to see many attractions in the city of Vaasa – Finland, quite at least walk along the shore in the park, you can start from the Court of Appeal and Prison, they are made in the Gothic style, and the prison is functioning from the XIX century.

The city is located on the shore of the Baltic Body Bay and, thanks to the neighborhood with Sweden, has two dominant languages. Therefore, studies in schools, universities, presentations in theaters are held in Swedish and Finnish.

There are many museums in the city, where excursions are held, there are parks and water parks, individual parks have for small children.

  • Vaasa City – Finland annually increases its area

The city of Vaasa – Finland annually increases its area, due to the departure of the water here is formed here the youngest part of the Sushi of the globe – the Morane Archipelago, entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Due to the care of water in these places, Flora and Fauna change dramatically, tourists will learn in detail in the center of nature, which is in the Museum of Museum. And who prefers extreme excursions can take part in a campaign on kayaks or in a cruise on the archipelago.
The city and its surroundings attract all who are interested in architecture and art, there are:

  • Beautiful open-air museum
  • Unique buildings of the XIX century
  • Stone labyrinth "Witch Circle" How many centuries surprises everyone with his mysteriousness

To attract tourists in the city regularly conduct international musical festivals, such as rock festival, chores festival, are constantly organized by fish fairs, marine days.
And if tourists want to buy something in memory of the city, there is a 4-storey building of the shopping center, where the goods of all Euromarok will be delivered, and local craftsmen selling their crafts, souvenirs or handmade products are located near Market Square.

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