Guatemala City: Livingston

At the mouth of the Rio Dulche, on the very northeast, Guatemala, there is a colorful town of Livingston, which is famous for its unique alloy of Guatemalan and Caribbean cultures.

Inhabit this area Afro-Guatemalats "Garifuna", We are descendants of slaves exported from the African continent to work on plantations, and local Indian tribes. Mixing ethnic groups and created here such original culture and language, including African and European elements with a strong admixture of Maya culture. As a result, Livingston absorbed these amazing elements, reaching our days in the form of a pretty town with many coconut groves, fun painted wooden buildings, pouring from all sides by Ruggie’s music, and a fishing economy.

Livingston is the starting point for boating trips Rio-bitching and Rio-Coli, to canyons on Rio Dulce, In an abandoned city Rio Dulce (Fronteras), in the fortress San Felipe (XVI B), on Lake Los Duarte, To ruin Kyirigua, To Waterfalls Las Siete Altares, as well as to protected beaches and reefs Kayos-Spodillas. This is one of the best points for marine fishing in the region.

Cities Guatemala Livingston

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Livingston: White Beaches and Black Residents of Caribbean Guatemala

Guatemala is associated with the descendants of the Great Maja civilization and their legacy, as well as with volcanoes and lakes. However, there is a place in it that tears patterns. This is the town of Livingston. Read more →

Cities Guatemala Livingston

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