Guatemala City: Flores

The capital covered with the jungle of the northeastern part of El Peten, Flores was built on a small island on Lago de Perenz Lake, and is connected by a semi-kilometer bridge with a dusty town of Santa Elena on the shore.

During Maya, at the place of Flores, the capital was the capital of the Imperial Province of Tyaylal, which was completely destroyed by the conquisites of Martin De Ursua in 1697. During the colonial period, the city languished in obscurity until the Tikal was opened, the most convenient way to which from the east was lying through Flores.

Today, this small picturesque city with colorful buildings of the Government Houses and the Church around the main square is famous for its zoo (3 km east of the city), Caves of Aktun-Kan or La Cueva de la Sapiente (for legends there lived a huge snake), colorful Villages of San Andres and San Jose, Ruins of the classic Maya period in Motule (4 km south of Flores) and picturesque views of Lamgo de Perenz Lake, for which pleasure boats.

Cities Guatemala Flores

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