Guatemala City: Cesaltenango

The commercial center of the southwestern part of Guatemala, Cesaltenango, usually called just Shail, is an excellent starting point for excursions to the nearby villages, famous for their hot springs and handicraft products.

The city flourished during the XIX as the center of storage and trade of coffee, while the earthquake and the eruption of the volcano did not destroy it. The main attractions of Cesaltenango – the central square, many picturesque old buildings surrounding it, and green Park Minerva.

Beautiful volcanic terrain around Kesaltenango also abounds in interesting places. Here you can visit hot springs in Los Wahos and Fuentez-Georginas, the picturesque village of Zunil – the center of production of traditional local clothes, or the center of production of beautiful wool – Momostenango.

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Cities Guatemala Cesaltenango

Cesaltenango City: first after Guatemala City

In each country, probably should be formally the second city after the capital. There is such a second city and in Guatemala. This is the city of Cesaltenango (QUETZALTENANGO). Read more →

Mister Smik | Summer 2016

Kesaltenango: volcanic warmth and cemetery cold

Today the story will be about two remarkable places of Cesaltenango. It is rather strange to collect them in one story, but it happened. First thermal sources, and then the cemetery. Read more →

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