Guama City: Inarajan

Inarajan is a small town, rather even – the village, with the surface influence of Spanish culture and at the same time – one of "The richest herenkov" Culture Chamorro. As if impregnated with the aromas of the island, Inarajan is located on the picturesque southeast coast of Guam. On the coastline, the cultural village of Gef Pago-Inalahan was stretched – emphasized "historical" Complex bamboo huts, indoor straw, where traditional crafts and lifestyle Chamorro is demonstrated by numerous tourists. Just below the road lie the ruins of the Baptist Church, built in 1925., as well as the bronze sculptural group, depicting the battle of two chiefs Chamorro – Malaguan and Gadao, which occurred many centuries ago.

In the cliffs surrounding the throat of the Bay of Inarajan, there is a cave Gadao, which, as the ancient petroglyphs on the rocks say, was cut down in a rock directly by the leader of Gadao.

Cities Guam Inarajan

Another noteworthy excursion is carried out from Inaradzhan to a Talofofo waterfall – a bunk cascade of 9 meters high, surrounded by numerous caves and a resort park, within which you can find the Historical Museum of Guam, the cave of Yokoy, an observation tower and the so-called ghost house.

Nearby is Talofo Bay Beach Park – one of the main surfing sites on the island, as well as one of the three Botanical gardens of Guama – the coastal botanical garden Inarajan. Two others – Nano-Fall in Agate and Pinnelease Platachn in Yigo – are rather landscaped parks, and South-Pacific Memorial Park in Yigo is dedicated to the events of World War II.

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