Cities for people with disabilities

Traveling is always interesting and pleasant (if, of course, everything has been prepared and planned correctly), but even for an ordinary person it is a kind of test, especially with regard to movement (mobility) and other comfort conditions.

For this reason, for many people, the physical capabilities of which are limited, the journey is only a dream, in particular because it is simply impossible to move and travel on its own. At the same time in some European cities and countries, on the contrary, for such people there are all possibilities and conditions.

They are created, of course, for the comfort of local residents with similar problems, but it does not prevent you from using the traveler.

The most favorable and equipped cities for people whose possibilities are limited are the following.

Amsterdam. Here are people with health problems can independently move around the city, including inspecting all the sights and places you are interested in, not to mention the desired configuration in hotels and hotels. It is possible to even swim through the channels, just the carrier must report personal state in advance.

Barcelona. Spanish town, like the whole country, is an excellent place to travel people who are limited in movement. They have the opportunity to inspect popular tourist destinations, some of which the entrance (upon presentation of the relevant certificate) will even be free. Besides, You can move freely around the city (transport is respectively equipped) and Resting on the beaches (If you wish, you can even rent special strollers to swim).

Berlin – Another city, which is very warm and understandably applies to such people. An independent walk around the city will not bring any inconvenience, with transportation will not have any problems. If necessary, you can Download the application that will show special places for different needs and other important things For people with disabilities.

Cities for people with disabilities

Vein. Oddly enough, this aristocratic city is one of the most convenient for such tourists. Especially good here are dealing with movement both in terms of transport and in terms of the design of the city itself. In order for people to see the sights, There are special programs, who will help it do. Find out the details of such programs are preferably in advance.

Dublin. The capital of Ireland although not everyone will be interested, but here Walk through it is available to any person. All public places are equipped with ramps and lifts, so the tourist can get almost any of the part of the city.

The main attractiveness of these cities (besides their famous attractions) is that a person whose opportunities are limited can move almost everywhere by independently without having difficulty. It is also just a situation with hotels and hotels in which not only there are relevant amenities, but also the right personnel.

If a person wants to travel, then even the features of his health status that limit the freedom of movement will not be an obstacle.

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