Cities of Finland: Kuopio

Kuopio – Student City on the shore of a spacious lake. Coming here tourists in the summer spend time on the beaches and in the cottages, and year-round engaged in an active holiday. In Kuopio attract Lake Callaysy, Mount Puio and numerous areas of untouched nature right within the city feature, plus excellent opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities. Here more than 400 km of ski slopes are laid annually, some of which are illuminated in the evening.

In the old town, a large number of wooden houses has been preserved, many of which are more than 150 years old – now it is a pleasant place for walking in good weather. Orthodox Church Museum is open – one of the most interesting in Europe. You can visit the House Museum of Finnish Writer Minna Cant (Minna Canth) and an interesting photo museum. The central square is surrounded by shopping centers and network hotels.

The port works on the embankment, from where cruises are sent to Lake Callava (Kalvesi).

Mount Puio (height of 150 meters) rises above Kuopio (height 150 meters), on which there is a ski springboard and a huge tower Puijo Panorama Tower. Several ski slopes are laid on the slope – suitable for family riding and for beginners, as well as cross-country ski tracks.

In the summer, a large number of musical and theatrical festivals are held in KoWo. In winter, Marathon Runs goes on the frozen lake.

14 km from the city there is airport. Train and buses to Helsinki go 4-5 hours.

From Kuopio It is not difficult to get to the nearby ski centers "Casurina" v Siilinyarvi, "Maarinvaara" v Kaavi, "Roumäkkia" v Routhallamp and "Takhko" v Nilsia, Where there are descents of any degree of complexity and good snowboarding routes.


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Cities Finland Kuopio

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