Cities of Colombia: Manisales

Founded in 1849 by people "Paisa", The city of Manizales – the capital of the Caldas Department, began its stormy development together with the developed Coffee industry Columbia. After the fall in the price of coffee, the city was somewhat dilated, but the rapidly developing tourism and the favorable position of Manisales halfway between the National Park-Nacional-Natural-Los Nevados Park and the Pachata coast were breathed in his quarters.

Cities Colombia Manisalez

Over the numerous neoclassical buildings of the central part of the city, which is declared a national monument, romada volcano Nevado del Ruiz rises, on which a clear day is clearly visible to the smoke from Numerous Furolol the Teatro-Los Fundorerad. Cool and windy streets Manisales are full of special charm – the earthquakes are often incredible here and in the nature of construction, and in the architecture of most buildings. This is also a noisy student city – there are only 7 different universities here, "population" whose campuses easily fills the lack of a festive atmosphere, which is so patient with most Cities of Colombia. This is the perfect foundation for traveling to numerous coffee plantations around the city, from here all routes on the territory of one of the best National Parks of Colombia – Naconal-Natura-Los Nevados Park. The huge reserve (area of ​​58,300 hectares) lies only 40 km from Manisalez, protecting the unique eco bement of the rainforest and mountain meadows, focused around the edge of the snow dorming volcano Nevado del Ruiz (5321 m). Here you can ride and skiing.

Cities Colombia Manisalez

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