Cities of Colombia: Letia

The center of all tourist activities in the eastern regions of Colombia is a small town of Leticia (Leticia), located on the coast of Amazon, near the border with Brazil and Peru.

Letia was founded by Peruvians in the middle of the XIX century, but moved to Colombia after revising the borders in the 30s of the XX century. Despite once intense relationships with "neighbors", Today, letiya almost merged with the Brazilian port of Tabating (4 km up the river), for which the entry visa is not even required.

Cities Colombia Letia

Leticia itself – a quiet and inconspicuous town, of all the attractions of which are usually celebrated only Isla de Los Mick ("Monkey Island", More than a thousand of these restless animals truly live here), the zoo and the beautiful main square of the city – Park-Santander, filled with excellent restaurants, cafes and offices of tourist organizations, as well as hundreds of tropical birds, especially very chirling at sunrise and sunset. But what really deserves attention here, so the Amazonian itself, where dozens of tourist groups leave the city every day.

Not far from Letia, Amaakayu National Park (area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 20 thousand. kv. KM), Lake Tarapoto – a habitat of freshwater pink dolphins, reservation of Indian tribes "Tikuna", "Yagua" or "Whitoto", Yes, and simply – Amazonia itself with all her riddles and richest nature.

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