Cities of Colombia: Cali

The third largest city of Colombia, Cali (Cali) lies in the southwestern part of the Western Cordillera chain, at an altitude of 995 meters above sea level. The city was founded by the Spanish adventurer Sebastian de Bellelasar in 1536, and since the production of sugar and coffee began to develop here, the city was rapidly increased from a small village of prospectors to a large industrial and shopping center of the country.

Kali’s attractions include Church of Iglesia de la Merced (XVII – the oldest Church of Kali) on Kayedo Square, Church of Iglesia de San Antonio on a hill near the city center, Plaza de Toros-de-Kanaberaleho – The venue of traditional corrid, the Museum of Colonial Art in the monastery adjoining to the Cathedral, the Archaeological Museum with an extensive collection of items of the pre-column period, a small museum of Gold Moseo del Oro with a collection of gold products of Kalima Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Musdeo-de Art-Modern-La -Tertullia, Natural Science Museum Federico-Carlos Lehmann Valencia, Experimental Theater Kali (TEC), Sugar Cane Museum, Numerous Salse Halls ("Salsotek") on the north banks of the river and in the area of ​​Juanchito and Zoo.

Cities Colombia Kali

The traditional place of pilgrimage is deserved near the city – Monumento de Las Tres Cruzas monument on the top of the mountain, one of the most beautiful colonial houses of the country – Gasienda Casas Gordas on the southern outskirts of Kali, Faralones de Cali National Park and Reservatory Reservation Natural-Atom-Bjekho, numerous old gasiends of sugar barons, are now used as small museums, Gasienda El-Paraiso and Piers 40 km from the city, as well as archaeological sites of pre-colombian civilizations in archaeological parks ARKOGOGOGO-de Tierradentro and ARKOGOGOGOGO Park De-San Agustin.

Cities Colombia Kali

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