Cities of Colombia: Cartagena

Founded in 1533, Cartagena de Indias (Cartagena de Indias) was one of the first Spanish settlements in the new light and the main port, through which the wealth of the continent flowed into the metropolitan. One example is Spanish Galeon "San Jose", Still lying 50 km from the harbor at a depth of 750 m. He carried in his trims mining, estimated now in more than 3 billion dollars, when he was surfed by English ships in 1708. It is not surprising that the city was a lounge piece for British Corsairs, repeatedly trying to capture him in the XVI century. The most famous raid in Cartagena was headed by the famous Francis Drake, who in 1586 captured the city, burned the cathedral and held the hostages more than a hundred days, demanding a colossal in return for the time of redemption. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Spaniards tried to securely securely securely for them, putting a complex fortifications system around the external regiments of the city, which are now the main attraction of the city (the total length of the fortification facilities Cartagena is more than 11 km).

"The most charming city of Colombia" literally saturated with historical places. Not all of them have been preserved in the priority form, but even what remains can tell a lot about this colorful city. Interestingly surrounded by the Sentro-Amulato wall ("Old city") – the heart and focus of the history of Cartagena, abundant by colonial buildings, shady squares, churches and women’s monasteries, a beautiful pedestrian zone in the Getsemanny district ("Outdoor city"), dominant over the city of Castillo de San Felipe de Barahas fortress (construction began in 1533-1657, but not to the end of the numerous fortress forts and did not finish), the colorful building of the Kasa de Marquez Waldehos mansion on Calde -Fafety, De Oro-I-Archeology Museum in Bolivar Square, Palace Palace de Inquisition (1770 g), Cathedral Cartagena (1575-1602.), the oldest church in the city – Iglesia de Santo Domingo (1536), the former prison of Las Bovnedas (XVI B, now there are trading series), more like the fortress former Women’s Monastery Convention de la-Pop ( XVI c) with his historical museum and chapel Virgen de la Candelaria in honor of the Saint patron of Cartagena, Camera Rest Area and El Laguit with a huge number of high-class restaurants, hotels, clubs and bars, the Playa Blanca coast – one of the best beach Zones in Colombia, beautiful old port of Cartagena on Baha de Las Ehissa, as well as whole quarters of the old colonial architecture in the former River Port of Mouthup, lying between Cartagena and Santa Martha.

30 km south-west Cartagena are the islands of Islas del Rosario, famous for magnificent coral reefs, rich underwater world, luxurious beaches of white sand and crystal-pure sea, which makes them extremely popular space for diving lovers.

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Cities Colombia Cartagena

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Colombia. Cartagena

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Cities Colombia Cartagena

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