Cities of Colombia: Bukaramanga

The capital of the Department of Santander, Bukaramanga (Bucaramanga) lies in the Rio del Oro Valley ("Golden river"), 350 km north-east of Bogota.

Founded in 1622, the city is considered simultaneously one of the most historical and one of the most modern cities of Colombia.

Cities Colombia Bukaramanga

Because of his picturesque environment and abundance of parks, the city is often referred to as La Ciudad Bonita ("Cute city") or "La Ciudad de Los Paris ("City of parks") What is not surprising – despite its size (except for the directly Bukaramanga, the MEGAPOLIS includes the towns of Girin, Pedekuest and Floridablanca, as well as 14 communes) and the developed industry, there are more than 70 large parks and countless small numbers. And the main decorations of the city are Cathedral de Sagrada Cora (XVIII B), Kasa de Peru-de-Lacraua mansion (here for Simon Bolivar was written by the famous "Diary Bukaramangi"), Kasa de Bolivar mansion on Calue 37 (here in 1828 lived "El Libertador" – Simon Bolivar), Academy de History, Art Museum in Kasa-de-la culture-Kustodio-Garcia-Rowira, Park Garcia-Rovir and the surrounding buildings of La Gobernacion de Santander, Alcalda de Bucaramanga, Paroka-de-San Laureano (1774 g is one of the oldest churches of the city) and Kapilla de Los Dolores (XVII V – the oldest church in the city), Tsivika-Luis Carlos-Galan-Salmitto, Municipal Institute Cultures in the building of the Old Library-public (XVIII B) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (works of Santander, Colombia and foreign authors).

Not far from the Bucaramanci International Airport, the Church of Lebrych is smoking – almost an accurate copy of the Church of the same name in Seville (Andalusia, Spain). Founded in 1631, Girona town lies approximately 10 km from Bukaramanga. He is considered to be a small reserve of the colonial era – Platuela-Peralta and Plasuela de Las Nueves are charming, and looking at them to easily understand why this small city attracts so many artists and artists to them. And in the suburbs of Bukarik, the Botanical Garden of Hardin-Botaniko-Eloa Valensuel, framed as a picture of the Rama, Rio-Frio River and numerous gardens on her shores.

Cities Colombia Bukaramanga

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