Cities of Colombia: Barranquilla

Barranquilla (Barranquilla), also known as Kurramba-La Laja, the capital of the Atlantic Department, is located in the northwestern part of Colombia, approximately 13 km upstream from the mouth of the Magdalena River and 80 km east of Cartagena.

Founded in 1620 as a trading factory on the shore of Magdalena, today it is one of the largest industrial centers of the country and one of its main ports (the ocean class vessels cannot rise up along the river, so the role of the seaport performs a small town of Puerto Colombia in the mouth of Magdalene).

The main attractions of the city are atlantico universities (1941) and del Norte (1966 g), a beautiful zoo, an anthropological museum, a museum of natural science, guarding relic wet forests and swamps National Park of Salamanca Island (Area 21 000 hectares).

However, the Barranquilla business card is the famous Carnival El Hoselito or "Barranquilla Carnival", The noted usually 4 days before the day of repentance, and well known as one of the largest carnivals in the world.

Cities Colombia Barranquilla

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Everything is not like people here. Do not understand – big he or small. From the top of the volcano Goleras (which is from time to time puffed, recalling that he is still alive), the Atris Valley, in which, as on a wide corn, Indian palm, is the capital of the Department of Narinho, San Juan de Pesoto looks small. Sleepy and provincial. And he was always a province. At first they were the backyards of the Empire of the Incas, then the remote corner of the vice-kingdom of the new Granada. And now it is just as remote from the main events, although the Internet is connected with the whole world, the Department of the Republic of Columbia. If you go down to the streets of Pasto, you will see that he is only on top. Read more →

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