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Valparaiso (Valparaiso) or as local residents say – Valpo, located 120 km north-west Santiago, is the main port of Chile and the second largest city in the country.

It was from here that the colonization of the country began, it was from here that ships went to new islands and countries, and it is here that you can find an incredible mixing of cultures and peoples, so characteristic of modern chili. Despite his size, this is the most typical city of the country and one of the most intriguing places in South America. Taking a narrow lane between the coastline and nearby hills, the intricate historical center of Valparaiso accommodates many winding cobbled streets and is surrounded by both steep rocks, stretching around the slopes of houses. Indisive, to which numerous pedestrian walkways, stairs and even.

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The center of the city is the Sotomaizer Square, on which a monument is located in Captain Arturo Pratt and the fallen heroes of the Pacific campaign 1879-1883. The attractions of the city are considered the Cathedral and a picturesque fountain in Victoria Square, the Parliament Building, the Museum of Natural Science, the Moule-Prat Museum and the Moule-Prat Museum, which is constantly the rich market, numerous funicular (each of them has its own name) as well Diverse coastal restaurants. Lower, seaside part of the city, better known as "El plan", represents a number of narrow, constantly scored streets surrounded by shops, banks, offices and warehouses, "crowded" Around the port of the port, which is the source of Walparaiso welfare.

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