Cities of Abkhazia: Ochamchir

The city of Ochamchir (Ochamchyra) lies on the Black Sea coast at the mouth of the Galidzga River on the Southeast of the Republic, just 35 km from the Abkhaz-Georgian border.

History and legends Ochamchira

At this place in the first half of the VI century BC. NS. Greeks founded the policy of Gueenos, considered ancient city in modern Abkhazia. The reason for this solution is not entirely obvious, since there are many more comfortable bays in the district than the mouth of Jukmura, however, in those ancient times the coastline configuration was completely different. Be that as it may, Guenos existed not long and was destroyed by civil engineering and war with Motskaya tribes from Skuban. Only in the III century BC. NS. People again settled these places, and only ruins are preserved from the ancient city.

In the ancient period, first the Greeks, and then the Byzantines actively mastered this region, setting up trade with the skilled tribes. In several stages, fortified settlements were built, from which the ruins of Roman Term, Roman bath, medieval defensive walls and other buildings reached our days. In a later period, Ottomans were actively exported from here Gem Supreme (Turkish – "Shymshir"), from where and went to the modern name of the city.

Marking Ochamchiry

Highly affected during the fighting of the Georgian-Abkhaz war, Ochamchir still did not restore its once famous resort capacity, when tourists from all over the USSR came here.

Now the beaches and the sanatorium are empty, and the once blooming city itself is clearly fading. But tourists here still come – the reason for the unique historical monuments of the surroundings, primarily the abundance of ancient temples.

Around Ochamchira

On the southeast outskirts of Ochamchira is located Village Ilory (Eller) – One of the cults of Abkhazia both from the point of view of Christians and among the fans of the ancient pagan cultures. His visiting card is an ancient white Ilorsk Church of St. George Victorian.

15 km north of Ochamchira lies a small Village Mokva (Mokvi, Moke, Mojә) – The center of one of the seven historical regions of the country – Abju (Abzhuy Abkhazia). His main landmark is MOKA Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Located in the very center of the village, on the extensive Square Mikuahasht ("Mokvinskaya Polyana").

17 km northeastern Ochamchir lies a small Village Agubedia (Agәy Bedia, "Heart of Bedia"), considered one of the oldest villages of Abkhazia. WITH "Natural Fortress" plateau on which is located Temple, The picturesque views are opened on Colchis lowland, The ruins of the monastery of Lashkender – One of the seven Sanctures of Abkhazia, the upper Galidzgi (Aaldzgi), Ruins ancient Fortress On the ridge Icera and Snow Tops Mountains Khojal (3313 m) and Nargehou (618 m) with the ruins of another medieval fortified item.

20 km north of Ochamchira lies high-mountain Selo Otap. On his outskirts there is an entrance to the Abrskyla cave – one of the most famous in Abkhazia.

Cities Abkhazia Ochamchira

25 km northeastern Ochmedi, in the upper course of the Galidzga River (Aaldzga), there is another interesting object – the ghost city Tkuharchal (TKVARCHER).

And in the very south of the district, on the shore of the border with Georgia, the Inguri River, a large Village Chuburukhinji (translated from Georgian – "Chestnut Most", Abkhaz is called this village Hatsha). Here are the ruins of a little known outside the restless Galski district of tiny Church of St. George Victory, built approximately in the XII century, and there is a small Therapeutic hydrogen sulfide source.

Also from the district center Gali you can visit the picturesque Eris-Tskal reservoir and Ruins Watchtower Fortress On Mount Satanjo (496 m). And in the north-west of the village of Primorsky Ahali-Kindgi village (Ahali Kynddig) There are natural yields of thermal mineral waters, however – practically unfounded.

How to get to Ochamchira

From the our station Adler to Sukhum followed by a comfortable train, the schedule of which every year changes. Taking into account the border parking in the merry and numerous stops at intermediate stations, all the way to the capital of Abkhazia will take about four hours. Numerous minibuses go on this route.

Then, from Sukhum, you should take a bus or minibus, following southeast to Ochamchira (just over the hour in the way).

Cities Abkhazia Ochamchira

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