CinemaPr Film Festival

During the CinemaPR Film Festival, which will be held from November 29 to December 2 in San Juan, the director Oliver Stonune will be awarded for achievements in professional activities. The organizers of the event are the Museum of Arts Puerto Rico (MAPR) and the famous actor Benicio del Toro.

As reported by local publications, representatives of the museum and del Toro marked the beginning of the film festival in 2011. The purpose of its creation was the acquaintance of the local public with world-class cinema creations from leading directors of different countries.

CinemaPr Film Festival

During the first festival, a selection of films of the Japanese director Caneto Shindo (1912-2012) was shown, which was very warmly met by Puertorician spectators. This year, movie lovers will get acquainted with the best works of Stone, winner of three premiums "Oscar" and five "Golden globes", as well as many other awards. In addition, the event program will include conferences that the director will hold for students and all visitors who want to try themselves in the world of big cinema.

The event will open on November 29 a solemn dinner. The cost of the entrance ticket – USD 250. The next day, the Raul Julia Theater will be held the solemn opening of the festival, the visit of which will be held guests in USD 150. All reversed funds will go to the purchase of new works for the MAPR Museum Foundation.

CinemaPr Film Festival

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