Brunei &# 8211; small but interesting country and top 5 reasons to go here

Popular destinations such as Vietnam, Thailand, China &# 8211; frankly speaking, &# 8220; brought&# 8221;. Those who visited these countries at least once, to go there uninteresting. Therefore, it is worth talking about another country in the region of Southeast Asia &# 8211; tiny and rich brunher, where the foot of the domestic tourist steamed extremely rarely.

What is attractive Brunei for us?

Come to Brunei to spend a full rest here, not worth &# 8211; It will be enough for several days to get interesting and exciting time, go on excursions, enjoy local beaches. Brunei attracts tourists from Russia for several reasons:

  • Entry without a visa for up to 14 days &# 8211; Rule is valid since 2018;
  • Food prices are simply ridiculous, but housing, of course, here is not cheap, because the country is rich due to good gas and oil reserves;
  • in Brulya little tourists, respectively, on the beaches there is no struggle for sun beds &# 8211; Places are very much and quite clean;
  • In the country you can find interesting sights &# 8211; Yes, there are few them here, but the excursions are not the main option of rest;
  • Good weather pleases all year round &# 8211; True, the humidity increases in winter, which adversely perceive people sensitive to meteorloons.
Brunei; small but interesting country and top 5 reasons to go here

Brunei &# 8211; The country in which the exotic is for the possibility of seeing something new, interesting, unusual. This direction is perfect for anyone who loves Southeast Asia, but Thailand with Vietnam managed to get boring about the order, I want to diversify the rest.

White beaches Brunaya

Brunei, first of all, famous for its snow-white beaches. Sand white color &# 8211; rarity for the region (mostly beaches there are made of yellow sand). All industrial enterprises are separated from the coast, so the sea &# 8211; crystal clean. The only minus of beach holidays in the country &# 8211; This is the minimum infrastructure. The country is extremely rich due to oil production, but for tourists, alas, while there is little. True, recently Sultan Brunei (this is the official position of the head of state) issued a decree on the development of tourism. What will come of &# 8211; Time will show.

The capital of the country, Bandar Series-Begavan seems to be specifically created for lovers of architecture, history and Asian exotic. What is only the Sultansky Palace of Istana-Vorol-Iman, who is the largest residential palace on the planet, used in direct appointment &# 8211; It control the country. The building itself amazes luxury and sizes. It is possible to compare it, except that, with the Indian Taj Mahal, but Istana-violated-Iman has an important difference &# 8211; It is located directly on the ocean coast.

Sights Brunei

Lovers of religious architecture can familiarize themselves with the biggest mosque of Southeast Asia &# 8211; Mosque Omar Ali. The building has a height of 52 meters, and its vertex is crowned with a Golden Dome with a green crescent. It is important to say that the buildings of the colonial era (this part of the world, at one time, owned the Dutch and the French) practically did not preserve, most of them &# 8211; Novodeli. Nevertheless, they also have their own unique charm. What else is worth looking in Brune?

  1. Palace Sultan &# 8211; Istana Nouhl Iman, this is the largest ruler’s residence, just imagine, here a little less than 2,000 rooms, 247 bathrooms, 5 pools, and in a personal park &# 8211; 5 thousand. cars;
  2. Mosque James ASR Hassanal Bolkiaha &# 8211; Beautiful monument of Islam, built about 30 years ago, at night the building is unusually illuminated, which is an interesting sight;
  3. Judong Park &# 8211; This is a huge entertainment complex in the green area with a golf course, a karting track, a club of shooters and a moon park. Especially like families with children;
  4. Ulu-Tembourong National Park &# 8211; a picturesque place where you can admire the transitions of landscapes and nature in its original form, because the task of the authorities was to preserve the jungle;
  5. Osai-Candal Reserve &# 8211; Another excellent place to relax on the Londa Wildlife, a special interest is of the local waterfall, hidden in the forest part, however, for tourists have created numerous paths.

Those who would like to look at the peculiarity of the life of the indigenous brunevs, it is worth going to Campung Ayer &# 8211; This is a whole collection of almost 3 dozen villages that cost water. In fact, it is not so much residential as a tourist object &# 8211; many &# 8220; residents&# 8221; Villages after labor buddies return to their present housing &# 8211; in one of the many skyscrapers. In general, in Brune there is something to see &# 8211; Rest will be not bad.

When it is better to go to Brunei: recreation season

Brunei &# 8211; The country located in the tropics, so the climate is hot here and wet, and in the winter months, heat and dampness are felt especially. More comfortable to rest in Brune from February to October, when the average air temperature is at +26 degrees. Also need to remember about precipitation &# 8211; There is no dry and wet season here, rains go evenly, but in the fall above the probability of short-term shower.

Do not go to Brunei during Ramadan &# 8211; Most shops and entertainment establishments will be closed, and about amenities during the rest will have to forget. In general, the infrastructure in the country is imperfect, but for a traveler who wants to spend &# 8220; wild&# 8221; Vacation, this is, on the contrary, the welcome option. If you want to rent an apartment in Brune, Hong Kong or another country in the world, there is a selection of rental housing from owners in Hong Kong at low prices. You can familiarize yourself with all the options and even read reviews about apartments and rooms.

Brunei &# 8211; One of the few countries of Southeast Asia, which has not yet had time to appreciate. There are few tourists here, there are no queues, there are plenty of spaces, and it will also be possible to find interesting sights and clean beaches. I recommend to visit the jungle excursion &# 8211; The nature of Bruni will be charm.

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